Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Well my sex drive is finally starting to be back after what- 3 months?  But the only person I want to have sex with is still you. I imagine you're probably most definitely sleeping with someone else now (Lisa?  Andreea?  Another girl from another office?)

But I want to sleep with you. I shouldn't have said anything. You're probaby worth it. But I guess this is you not thinking I'm worth it. And here we go all over again. - we being me, in this case.

Please come back to me. Fuck me and talk to me and hang out and care about me again.

Well- maybe not. I should probably start being with someone else. How long before my heart stops being keen on you?  I've thought maybe there was something more to us for over a year now. Try hard as I may, I can't seem to forget you.

I wish my disorder hadn't reared its ugly head. I know it's scary. But it isn't who I am!  I'm working so hard on it. But I want to see you and know you again.

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