Monday, January 30, 2017

Today was the rally to protest the ban. I totally went and loved supporting it- and obviously I missed you. I miss my politics friend. Honestly after having a relationship/friendship like ours I'm struggling to find anything that comes close to filling the hole it's left.  Maybe I'm being super out of my mind thinking it was so great. There were plenty of problems. There was a lack of trust. But I miss you so much and I'm glad you're willing to chat some with me and haven't entirely blocked me. I hope you continue to come around and we can reconnect.

Another guy likes me. He's super nice and sweet.  But there's definitely blaring issues there besides the feeling that you're maybe my soul mate or something. Sigh.

I miss Kyle. I super miss you. I miss feeling connected with someone I can trust and not feel threatened by. Oh wait I've never truly felt that.
Kyle's the closest. I'm lucky in that regard. I'm so lucky to always have him as my friend. He's been a little flirty or weird lately. I know he's got the break up blues.

I'm depressed.

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