Wednesday, December 28, 2016

I care so much about Ramzi.  He is so amazing, interesting, clever, intelligent.  I am so sad that there is strife in our friendship, relationship, whatever we were.  I don't know what we are, or what we will be-- if he will even want to be anything.  But I hope he will.  I hope he will be my friend, because he has been overall a great influence, even if there was sadness and confusion.

I have heard many rumors-- who he dated before me, a lot of people I know, how he just seems to run through women.  I hope those aren't true in my case.  Not because I especially care about the romance (though I do, I did, he was an amazing person to date who filled all of my needs at the time, and an amazing lover, and I miss the sex a lot).  But because, in general, he was a close friend.  Like Kyle, Amanda, even Shoshana-- he is a life partner to me -- in whatever form it takes.  And sometimes that takes time and space, and I hope that I will successfully navigate this so that we will become friends again.

If we become lovers again, I am not so sure.  I would love to have that with him, it was amazing, he's amazing, and having a full love would be awesome, I'm sure.  But Ramzi is afraid of that, and so am I.  I don't know if that's what I was asking for, but I am very tired of being a secret... for him and I, it was only half secret.  Our friends knew, we'd go out in public together.  But I wasn't allowed to post pictures about him, we rarely interacted over Facebook where other females and people he knew might see, and I never knew the reason for that.  After he started being accusatory about his phone, and had started sharing about us with his mom, I was more confused.  I would still be with him, sleep with him, support him that way, if it weren't a secret.

But that is so not necessary to me.  It does matter to me if he sees and is seeing someone else.  Of course that would hurt.  But knowing HIM, being friends with HIM, caring about each other at all was and is more important to me than those things.  Those things are things that everyone slides through throughout their entire lives.  It hurts, but if people are wonderful then they should matter more than romantic dalliances.  And I Thought he felt the same way, that is what he would say and seem to explain and think and he told me that our friendship was more important than the other things, too.  It is so confusing for me, because he played down the romantic aspects of what we had, but in the end it seems to really have mattered?

I care about him still.  Ramzi, I know you'll never read this-- I almost hope you never will-- but I care so much about you.  You are one of the top people in my life, and we have such a strong connection.

I hope we will speak again.  As friends, as lovers, as real loves, I don't know.  But I want to work on that bathroom.  I want to talk to you.  I will continue working on myself, doing my thing as I do, but I am thinking about you, I miss you, and I truly care about how you are, how you feel, how your father is....  you are very important to me.

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