Saturday, July 13, 2013

Ugh!  I am so worried about you!  I hope you are just busy preparing for comic con and you're okay.  Maybe you have met a new girl and are just spending all your time with her and enjoying that and I shouldn't be worried about it and she's perfect for you.

Of course a little part of me wants you to be sad over me (because I'm sad over you, and I want it to be equal, and I want you to miss me and come back to me, unfairly).  But if it were true that you were suffering over me I'd be miserable.  I hope you're not suffering.  If you are and you realize you need me, you can come talk to me at any time, you know.

I know you hate needing people though, so I'm sure if you are thinking that, you're fighting against it with everything you have.

I shouldn't be worried.  But I am, wringing my hands almost.  I hope eventually I stop thinking about it (that would probably be preferable to you, because you clearly don't want me in your life).

I wonder if you do miss me.

I wonder if you think about me and are hurting for me too.

I wonder if you'll miss me coming to your show next week.

but likely you're really busy with work things and you haven't been thinking about it much at all and life is the same with or without me.  You've probably even met new, better people.

urf, I still like you a lot.

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