Tuesday, January 15, 2013

nightmare nightmare nightmare nightmare nightmare nightmare nightmare nightmare nightmare nightmare nightmare nightmare nightmare nightmare nightmare nightmare nightmare nightmare nightmare nightmare nightmare nightmare nightmare nightmare nightmare nightmare nightmare nightmare nightmare nightmare nightmare nightmare nightmare nightmare

i was forgotten i went on a trip and i was forgotten, and then i thought i left all my luggage there.  i made pancakes in a hotel.  i went home and i was forgotten by my parents, i got picked up by holly and left somewhere, i somehow got my bags back and got home, my parents didn't remember me, there was a little girl who fainted and rolled down the street, i got home and was angry at my parents, they forgot me, i was telling them a story, i went down to my room because i was so angry, chris was in my bed.  i was furious.  i told him to get out.  he was in bed with my little sister.

i was seeing red.  i was terrified.  i thought at that moment i was going to die.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Oh man, those weirdos are ridiculous.  Spending a mass amount of time with them is bizarre to me.  They're all such characters.  Tattoos is so californian (they all are).  They're all the typical camera-y, film-y, but not quite Hollywood, more underground... writers, smokers, drinkers.  They're bizarre.  Ohio is the sweet one who considers morels, Tattoos is the crazy, beautiful one.   I don't know what to nickname him.  Hearts?  Haha, maybe.  He's a stealer of hearts.  I don't know what to believe of them-- I don't know how much Tattoos covers up.  I want to believe everything he says, because he'd be such a character that way, but from what it sounds like with his life he probably is going to play some of it down.  I loved hanging out with them, because I want to write about them.  Its not even necessarily spending time with Tattoos (though he is an interesting person), it's hearing these weird stories and perspectives that aren't from my world at all.  They're so typical, in a way, its weird to hang out with people like that and think "I can't believe these guys exist".

Ohio seems like he might be a nicer person than Tattoos.  Or more genuine.  Anyway, that's why he gets the ladies.  I can't tell when Tattoos genuine moments are.  I hope I see some of them, because man, he's a fictional character if I ever met one.

(And he's kind of mine).

Nobody can claim someone like that.  They just have to be along for the ride and ready to jump on and off the tracks of it.

It's confusing.  I can clearly understand why my heart is still where it is.

Oh man so much to write!!!