Saturday, November 3, 2012

l still love you.  Obviously.  I care os much about you, you make me feel so good.  I look forward to seeing you.

I like this guy.  He's pretty great sometimes.  But I know he's a danger.  I gotta back off.  Also I was called a prowler at my work last night and it really hurt my feelings.  I'm a flirt, and I've tested the waters because those are the only guys I know and see.  I'm not a prowler by any means.  And a lot of that was months and months ago, I gave up that behavior and returned to normal, which I'd say is the opposite of a slut or a prowler.

I probably shouldn't have been offended.  It hurt really bad, but it shouldn't have.  I was being a big baby.  Probably from the drinking.

So this guy.  I think he'd destroy me.  I should stop talking to him.  I've liked him for awhile, he's been my alternative, and I thought I liked him because I could never take him seriously and we both understood that.  I need to either actually keep that in mind or figure out what to do.  Or stop talking to him now.  That's probably my best bet.

Jeez Louise...

I hate all this because I know it wouldn't be an issue if I could just be.. with you.  My dear dear you.  You are what I want.


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