Sunday, November 4, 2012

I can't ever seem to sleep.  Even when I get kept up late, and am tired, I will wake up so stupid early and I don't understand it.  The day I slept into 11 was probably just an insane fluke.

I don't know if I'm anxious? (Probably).  I shouldn't be following after this guy.  He says sweet things and is surely a great person, but I know he's not what I want a guy, and I mean, there's the whole loving KB thing.  It's just fun.  And I don't want to give up the fun.

I guess things didn't have to be.  If I could separate my feelings better and just look at this and go who cares, it's totally okay with me to be used for this thing, then it would be different.

Woof.  I don't know.

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