Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Gee Wizz, I don't understand what's going on with you.
Are you just thinking about things?  You ask me questions I feel I should be honest to, you said you'll think about it, and then you get all cold to me during regular conversation.

It's just Zelda and pokemon.  It's just video games.  It doesn't seem like you to be so weird about video game talk, but here you are, being a real weirdo.

I imagine you are, in fact, busy at work.  But it doesn't seem like you to ignore texts at night-- you don't usually do that.  I don't know the last time you ignored one of my texts like that was.

Before we broke up, I think.  You've eventually responded to all others.  And I guess that's what I don't get.

Are you upset with me?  And if so, why don't you just tell me.

I can guess; you don't really know the way you really feel, and as you're working through it you still want to talk to me and stuff, but it makes it hard. You don't want to give me false hope, etc etc.

Things really are different with me now.  I kind of feel like it's you dragging behind and staying the same.  I don't mind this, because it always ends, but it is getting frustrating.  I don't want any of this to affect our super awesome friendship.  And if we started dating, which I know is unlikely, I wouldn't want you to immediately close off and stop having fun with our conversations because of it.

Just have fun.  There's nothing going on that's wrong.

But I can understand the anxiety.  You know I can.

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