Saturday, July 21, 2012

You sure?  You sure you don't wanna crawl into bed with me?

You sure you don't wanna think harder about giving this some more time?  You sure you don't want my fingers running through your hair.  Your fingers, running along my spine, on my back, over my shoulders... down my hips...

I'm sure I do.

I want to pet your back and you hair every night we can.  I don't mind taking nights off.  I don't mind if we need space.  But this relationship between us now is already so good-- I can see when you close off.

Do you feel guilty?  Do you feel bad, because you're building a flame with her?

I want to run my fingers over your sides, across your stomach, over your neck.  I want to lay kisses over your shoulder, up your jaw, against your lips.  I want to pull myself against you.  Are you sure you don't want to grip me around my waist, my shoulders, and hold one another and build one another up again?  We're doing better than we ever did.  I'm certain it could work.

Right now, there's only three things that stand in our way.

Your (possible) desire for her.
My trip.

Just think about it, my dearest.

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