Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I think I hate that you left our conversation the way you did.  It makes me kind of sick.
This is a red flag, I suppose.

I adore you, still, I adore what we've been.  But I can't tell if we're on the same wavelength.  What makes it the wrong time for you, is it the same reasons I stated?  Or is it her?

I don't want to be the other woman.

Don't tell me that she doesn't like having her feet touched.  It just makes me wonder what she does want you to touch, what you are touching.  It's not fair.

I don't want to overlap her.  And I want you to be done with her when you come back to me.  I know you're interested in her, I think it's great to get it out of your system.  I don't feel she's a real threat.  I feel she's temporary.  But it still bums me out.

I want that electricity back and all I feel is stomach sick.

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