Sunday, July 29, 2012

I can't believe how depressed this makes me.

What do I do when you get back?
Do I ask you?  Do I ask you what you've done?  Do I ignore it?

Do I try to move on?
If you got back together with me would this always be in the back of your head?  Would it be considered an indiscretion?  Would you do it again?
Would you feel like you could break up with me just to have sex with another girl?

No... I don't think that is in your character.  I'm afraid, though, because you treat her and I in a way so outside your normal character that it's ridiculous.  If you went out of your skin for a few minutes and were talking to a friend, I feel like you would be so mad at that friend.

Don't cuddle with your ex girlfriend if you're trying to get a new one!
Especially if she's already going through a lot.
What are you thinking?

My only answer is that I have this all wrong and you have no intentions on Elyse.  If that were the case, why wouldn't you just say so?

Or are you just so confused that you honestly have no idea?

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