Monday, July 16, 2012

Hair pets.  Awesome.
Your foot massages make me feel electric.  I want to curl in close to you.  I'm starting to get anxious it will all disappear-- I know I'm getting too attached.

I keep having dreams that you have a  girlfriend and we're doing this.  Or that you tell me that I shouldn't expect anything out of it.
I know I shouldn't.  But I guess I've begin to hope it.  Even when you're moody, I may not know what to do, but I adore being around you.

I still want to kiss you.  I want you to smile and hold me, the way you do.  I know you've got a stressful week and I'm happy to do my own thing and see you the days that I will.  I know we probably shouldn't act as much like boyfriend and girlfriend while we're around your friends.  But I think I want that to be the case.

There are some things I can't answer.  What about me leaving?  How will that affect it?  Will things be the same when I come back?  I hope so-- or more.  Two months is kind of a long time.  But not long enough for me to get over you.  It hasn't been.

What about London?  Are you going to slip into similar behavior with her?  I guess if you do it doesn't matter.  You don't owe me anything.  I'm not sure you would, I feel like you're a pretty one lady kind of guy.  And I was under the impression you don't even like her that way anymore.  But we haven't spoken of it.  I feel like it's not my place.

I like all that we're doing.  I do.  I really want to keep with it.  I want to lean against you, I want to kiss you, but are we pushing it too far?

I can handle any of the sadness again.  It'd be worth it.

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