Thursday, November 11, 2010

It... is logical and illogical all at once.
Of course, fighting reason with emotion is always difficult. For both of us, I want to stay strong. Show my support.
I want to show my love.

I am both the same and different. I know I am and can be all the things you want. You are all the things I want. So what then would prevent us? It seems closed minded.

I don't want you to be like Jeff. You are you, and you are fantastic. I have so much faith in you. I know, even if you never see me, ever again for who I really am, I will still have faith in you. But I wish you would see me.

I wish so much that you would see me.

I don't want to move on and lose loving you. You deserve the love. I want to give it all to you and stand by your side, always.

I like adventures... but I am not like Jeff. I don't want to experience adventure after adventure. Being with you is the adventure I want to experience. Why is it that I am alone in that?

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