Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hey Darlin'.

So, I understand your need for space. If you e-mail me or not, that is your choice. I just want you to know (even though you don't read this), that I am not blocking you from my wall on facebook out of any sort of irritation or spite. I figured if you wanted space, it might be good for me to just drop off your grid for awhile. I know you're taking some space anyway and disconnecting and that's cool. This seems like it'd be easier for you, and I feel good giving you what you need. I am happy to reinstate it at any point that you want. :)

But I am not mad at you. I totally respect your position. I am just trying to do what is the most helpful for you and I hope that you're okay.

Let me know how things are whenever you're ready. I'll be here.

I'm very thankful, even like this, that you are in my life.

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